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Two Factor Authentication

The Sentry Two-Factor Authentication module is a free, open source extension for the Magento eCommerce platform. When activated, the extension will require two-factor authentication for all administrative users. This greatly enhances security by protecting against compromised user passwords, which represent the most common type of online security breach.

Magento Turpentine Extension

A Magento Extension

Turpentine is a Magento extension to improve Magento's compatibility with Varnish, a very-fast caching reverse-proxy. By default, Varnish doesn't cache requests with cookies and Magento sends the frontend cookie with every request causing a (near) zero hit-rate for Varnish's cache. Turpentine provides Varnish configuration files (VCLs) to work with Magento and modifies Magento's behaviour to significantly improve the cache hit rate.

A Magento Security Extension

Alarmbell is a new open source extension, developed by Nexcess’ engineers, that will log and send notifications whenever a new admin user is created. Alarmbell will log the IP and account information for any attempt to make changes to admin users, including the creation of admin users, their deletion, and their modification.