Nexcess Data Centers

Nexcess Southfield DC

US Midwest - Southfield, MI (us‐midwest‐1)

Located in the heart of southeastern Michigan’s most connected Detroit suburb, our Southfield facility serves as our global headquarters and our largest US-based point of presence.

Nexcess Dearborn DC

US Midwest - Dearborn, MI (us‐midwest‐1)

Our Dearborn data center consists of 7,000 total square feet split between office and data center space.

Nexcess Dearborn DC

US West - San Jose, California (us‐west‐1)

Our San Jose data center is strategically located near Silicon Valley.

Row DC

US South - Miami, FL (us‐south‐1)

Our Miami data center operates as the hosting gateway to South America.

Nexcess Dearborn DC

UK South - Surrey, UK (uk‐south‐1)

Over 740 square metres of space spread between office and data area over two floors.

Nexcess Crawley DC

UK South - Crawley, UK (uk‐south‐2)

900 square metres built in the commerce hub of London and Gatwick Airport.

Nexcess Amsterdam DC

The Netherlands West - Amsterdam, NH (nl‐west‐1)

A modern modular design that focuses on redundant power configurations with isolated infrastructure, and a low year round PUE of 1.2.

Nexcess Dearborn DC

Australia South - Sydney, NSW (au‐south‐1)

Our Australian facility is comprised of 130,000 square feet of data center space.